Things people care about in this city: food, freedom of thought, gender fluidity, and urban development. We hit 'em all on this week's letters page:

—The owner of Eugene's Sweet Creek Foods, Paul, took exception to Heather Arndt Anderson's pickle critique, in which she teased the Oregon city they're based near in a way he thought was "nasty." City folk, always with the nasty.

—"My Brain, My Choice" called columnist Ann Romano "neo-fascist" and her column "a pushy, holier-than-thou snark attack." I wish MBMC would say what MBMC really thinks.

—Remember last week when Anthony decided to pick a bone over the idea of a third gender? He got some of the thumbing he must've expected from Mark and Gregory, who call him a "homophobe" who sounds like "every right-wing Christian whose assholes pucker up every time they think of queers getting married." Saw that coming.

—And finally the delightfully named Mr. Fiddlestein points out to all those who are bent out of shape about the new developments and condos on SE Division that, "if we don't want more suburbs, then we have to create places for people to live in cities. We have to increase urban density. Apartments above, retail below. People can walk, ride bikes, take public transit. It's what's happening on Division and it's a good thing." Oh yeah. Good point.