EDGE OF TOMORROW This picture is hypnotic.
  • EDGE OF TOMORROW He is coming for you. Look into his eyes.

Rock-solid reliable movie reviews: Just one thing that, perhaps, might help us maintain our fragile sanity in a world fake Nicolas Cage movies are being sold at Cannes. Let us begin.

THE FAULT IN OUR STARS Alison Hallett won't ever shut up about how much she loves John Green's book, which is about hot teens with cancer. Now she'll occasionally mumble something about that the movie adaptation is "pretty good, I guess."

NIGHT MOVES The latest from kinda-sorta Oregon filmmaker Kelly Reichardt (her films are often set in Oregon, though she lives in New York) is an eco-thriller about blowing up a dam. ARRRGH! OREGONIANS HATE DAMS! Marjorie Skinner liked it quite a bit—not a surprise, given that we tend to like Reichardt's movies quite a bit here at Mercury HQ.

EDGE OF TOMORROW Ned Lannamann sums it up nicely: "If you see a better popcorn movie this summer, it's going to be a very good summer indeed." I agree with this statement wholeheartedly: See it, and see it with a big crowd.

There are even more reviews, as ever, in Film Shorts—including a 10th anniversary Cinema Project event, and Total Recall screening with Arnold Schwarzenegger's commentary track turned on—and here are your Movie Times. Choose wisely.

The Cruise missile doesnt miss.
  • The Cruise missile doesn't miss.