Hey, are you attending tonight's World Naked Bike Ride? Then, trust me—you are going to be AMPED afterwards, and ready to party!

That's why you shouldn't miss the OFFICIAL World Naked Bike Ride afterparty sponsored by the Mercury and 10 Barrel Brewing. It starts immediately after the ride at 2410 N. Mississippi, and will feature just the right amount of bouncy DJs, raucous dancing, famished food carts, and drinkable $3 beers! Find out more HERE! It will absolutely be off the hizzzaaaaay-HOOK!!

And if you're new to this whole World Naked Bike thing (btw, the lineup starts tonight at 8 pm, Normandale Park, 5600 NE Halsey), there's a lot more to it and behind it than you may think! Check out the official explanation from the WNBR people after the jump... and we'll see YOU (all of you) tonight!

From the World Naked Bike Ride Facebook page:

The World Naked Bike Ride is:

A lighthearted protest against our dependence on fossil fuels.

A commentary on the vulnerability of cyclists and other less protected users of the road. That's the naked part!

A celebration of positive body image for all and an expansion of our social boundaries.

So get naked, hop on your bike and join thousands of cyclists on a ride through Portland, Oregon.

Everyone is welcome to join, registration is not required and there is no cost to participate. The World Naked Bike Ride is sustained by support from the community.

Participants are highly encouraged to make a donation of any amount. Please go to and make your donation now!

The ride assembles at 8pm and departs at 9pm sharp. The ride leader is supported by volunteer ride marshals and the Portland Police Bureau.

The ride is not a loop. Please stow your clothing and carry it with you. The route will not be posted before the ride and is approximately 7 miles in length. The ride ends at a transit accessible location approximately four miles from the start point.

The official after party is generously hosted by the Portland Mercury. Find details for the ride here: The unofficial after party is hosted by ... you!

Please note:

This event is a peaceful protest.

Drinking and riding is never encouraged.

We encourage you to fix your bike before the event. If maintenance or repairs are needed at the assembly area please seek out one of the two mechanic stands. Thank you, mechanics!

We discourage people from showing up just to watch. Ride your bike with us!

Please do not drive to the event. There is a MAX stop just blocks away at NE 60th Avenue and Bus Line 77 stops in front of the park. Use the links below to view transit options from your location.

We ALWAYS need volunteers!
Sign up today at