FILM + MUSIC—Kate Bush's artsy film The Line, the Cross, and the Curve is basically an extended music video featuring songs from her 1993 album The Red Shoes. Now it gets the Sound + Vision treatment with live dance and artist performances from a cadre of Portland's lithe and graceful, who should match Bush's etherealness. CF
w/Allie Hankins, Jin Camou, Vanessa Vogel, Catherine Egan; Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison, 9:30 pm, FREE

FILM—You know how sometimes you hear a teenager talking on the bus and you're like, "UGH TEENAGERS," and you feel like the future is doomed? The fact that novelist/vlogger/genius John Green is wildly popular with teenagers is an antidote to that feeling. The long-awaited film adaptation of his 2012 book The Fault in Our Stars—a love story about teenagers living with cancer—opened this week. AH
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