People like to feel their opinion matters, and people like to answer questions about the things they like—I can tell by all the BuzzFeed quizzes y'all are posting on FB. Good news: The Mercury's annual PDX Approved survey is still running, which is nothing but questions about the things in Portland you love; your favorite restaurants shops, places to help, etc.

The number-crunchers at the Merc will use this information in mysterious ways they've assured me are harmless, and the businesses you vote as being "PDX approved" will benefit from the support, and before you ask—yes, there's something in it for you, too. If you answer 20 or more of the questions (I recommend more... it's fun!) you'll be entered to win prizes, like gift certificates to Doug Fir and Le Pigeon, and a 16GB iPad mini! But don't sit on it for too long, 'cuz the survey ends TOMORROW, Friday, June 13, at 5 pm! Make your opinion count and let your favorite spots know... "I approve!"