First off, thank you for being you and doing what you're doing.

Quick question. I've been corresponding with a guy for a few months from across the country. He has arranged to come to my city at the end of June, officially on business but in reality to meet me in person for the first time. He's made it clear that he's smitten. I really like him as well—from what I know of him over email and the phone—but I don't want this to be a flash in the pan. Is it acceptable to make out with him while he's here? I wouldn't sleep with him until I had spent significantly more time with him and we had learned a lot more about each other, but I am very tempted to kiss him. And I think he is planning to find a way to make out with me.

Need to make sure I can do this and still keep him interested. Also, if and when we were to go all the way, how do I maintain his interest afterward?

Keeping It Simple, Sigh

My response after the jump...


Aren't you the sweetest thing? Of course you can kiss that man when he visits you later this month, KISS. You can also jerk him off or fuck him or peg him or tie him to your bed and sit on his face while you watch Colbert—you can do anything you want, KISS, anything that feels right, so long as he wants to do it too.

And let's say you do kiss/peg/fuck him during his visit, KISS, after he makes it clear that he wants to be kissed/fucked/pegged just as badly as you wanted to kiss/fuck/peg him—everything is nice and consensual and you both have a good time—and then he "loses interest" because he feels you kissed/fucked/pegged him "too soon." Well, KISS, that's a pretty good indication that you were wrong about this guy. It turns out he isn't the nice, kind, wonderful person he seemed to be online, the kind of person whose interest you might want maintain over the long haul. Instead, KISS, he will have revealed himself to be a game-playing, slut-shaming piece of shit—one you're well rid of.

Hopefully it won't come to that, KISS. With any luck this man will prove himself to be worthy of your time, your attention, your kisses, your pegging, and anything else you two might want to do together during this visit and subsequent ones. Good luck!