Courtney Ferguson: “I’m going to go eat some BBQ at Clay’s tonight… because mmmm. Saturday I’m going stand-up paddleboarding (SUP, dawg) in the Willamette before heading to the Rose City Rollers Championships roller derby games at Memorial Coliseum. Then Sunday, I’m roller skating through the rainbow-colored streets for the Pride Parade. Come throw candy at me! (Please don’t throw candy at me.)”

Marjorie Skinner: "I’ll be checking out the art show inspired by Roky Erickson at Lowell, Michelle Lesniak’s open studio/sale, and tomorrow night I’m going to Back Fence’s Russian Roulette storytelling show. Sunday, Father’s Day brunch is at my place, and later on, of course, is the season finale of Game of Throoooones!"

Ned Lannamann: "This weekend I'm hitting up the Rose City Used Book Fair (because books are magical and Amazon is awful) at the Doubletree at Lloyd. Sunday night, I'll be at Mississippi Studios for Chad VanGaalen, who makes weird music and art, and is totally incredible. There's already plenty about him in this week's issue, so I'll shut up about it."

Wm. Steven Humphrey: "Dear lord, what a busy weekend. Okay! If I can't get someone to go see Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow with me tonight, I'll happily rewatch the gut-busting 22 Jump Streetit's that funny! And I am definitely all over what sounds like the bangingest Pride party of the weekend, Control Top at White Owl Social Club on Saturday featuring Rye Rye (SQUEEEEE!!!) who I love more than life itself. (Actually, I love her more than YOUR life itself.) Plus I always adore the gawdy spectacle of the Pride Parade on Sunday—which makes it all the more delicious since it's on Father's Day. (My dear departed dad would NOT have approved... but he's in no position now to bitch about it, is he?)"

Alison Hallett: "Hanging out with my dad. Finishing So Much a Part of You, the so-far excellent debut story collection from Portland author Polly Dugan, then commencing a long-overdue Middlemarch reread. (I picked up the pretty Penguin edition a couple weeks ago at Klindt's Books in the Dalles—have you guys been there? Oldest bookstore in Oregon, apparently, and really really charming.)"

Erik Henriksen: