THE SACRAMENT We dont care for beard-os round these parts.
  • THE SACRAMENT "We don't much care for beard-os 'round these parts."

Tomorrow's Friday, which means new movies open and old ones go away; here's what you've got to catch tonight if you want to see it it in a Portland theater.

Superman (Academy Theater)—Christopher Reeve is still fantastic as Superman and Clark Kent, but even as a kid, Richard Donner's 1978 comic book movie felt bloated and boring to me. I am 100 percent aware that I am in the vast, vast minority in this opinion.

The Sacrament (Hollywood Theatre, On Demand)—Ti West's latest horror flick made Marjorie give up on Ti West.

Dr. No (Laurelhurst Theater)—The first James Bond movie, from 1962, with Sean Connery (though the part almost went to Patrick McGoohan, who'd go on to do The Prisoner). One of your best bets, as far as Bond movies go, and a good set-up for the even better Goldfinger, which the Laurelhurst is getting on June 27.

Fading Gigolo (Laurelhurst Theater)—The best thing about John Turturro's movie about John Turturro playing a gigolo is the fact his wacky sidekick buddy is played by Woody Allen. Allen's great in the movie; whether or not you feel like laughing along with Allen these days is up to you.

Complete movie times are here; tomorrow sees the releases of Obvious Child, The Rover, Jersey Boys, and more.