The Royal Oui (Via)
  • The Royal Oui (Via)

Doug Fir–Lily & Madeleine, The Royal Oui, Shannon Hayden, 9 pm, $10-12
Black Book–Modern(-ist): DJ Troubled Youth, Ryan Biornstad, 10 pm, free
Dante's–Dookie Jam: Tony Ozier & Doo Doo Funk, 9 pm, free
East End–Bear & Moose, Mister Tang, Lady Wolf, 9 pm
Foggy Notion–Faux Science, The Gypsters, Noise Toys, Fun Yeti, 9 pm, free
Holocene–Club Chemtrail: Helix, ASSS, SPF666, Massacooramaan, Commune, Omri Ossi, 9 pm, $6
Kennedy School–Desert Noises, 7 pm, free, all ages
Kenton Club–Tartufi, 9 pm, free
The Know–Scalped, Sperm, Crime Zone, Inversion, 8 pm
The Secret Society–Henry Curl, Purse Candy, Amy Lavere, 8 pm, $8
Turn! Turn! Turn!–The Renderers, Artemis, 9 pm, $6