THE ROVER Well... that’s actually a pretty fair reaction to Twilight.
  • THE ROVER Well... that’s actually a pretty fair reaction to Twilight.

OBVIOUS CHILD (Cinema 21)—"We've reached Peak White Girl," Alison Hallett writes about Gillian Robespierre's romcom. "Five years ago, I never would've predicted that I'd eventually grow tired of relating to movies and TV, but Obvious Child is probably the last slice-of-hipster-girl-life my heart has room for."

JERSEY BOYS (Various Theaters)—What'd Elinor Jones think of Clint Eastwood's Broadway adaptation, you ask? I'll let her subhead tell you: "I Love All Musicals, Including Jersey Boys. Sue Me, Dickheads."

THE ROVER (Various Theaters)—Sharply directed, beautifully shot, and jaw-grindingly intense. Guy Pearce and Robert Pattinson roam a ruined Australian outback; blood and angst ensue. I loved this movie. A lot.

FILTH (Kiggins Theatre)—Ben Coleman waded into the grimy pool that is the latest Irvine Welsh adaptation—a film in which "every type of fluid in the human body gets some screen time."

THE DISCOVERERS (Fox Tower 10)—Finally, a movie made just for all of you Lewis and Clark cosplayers out there.

SUPERMENSCH: THE LEGEND OF SHEP GORDON (Living Room Theaters)—Ned Lannamann checked out Mike Myers' latest, a documentary that "details Gordon's crazy adventures as a rock 'n' roll manager in the '70s and '80s, but also, in its last third, takes on the weird characteristics of a very expensively made dating video." In related news, I would hire Mike Myers to make me a dating video. Just to, you know, see what would happen.

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