It's Marjorie Skinner's WORST. NIGHT. EVER!


Open mic! Open mic! And also take video so we can all not laugh at you.
It depends, does Rachel Comey make a toe shoe?
If Marjorie needs to borrow my vibrams, they are available! (I bought them for water shoes, but I hardly use them). They fit women size 10 feet. Bonus: it will make the weekend a little bit worse because they will be USED toe shoes.
We have to think about this voters, put actual thought behind it. If she wears toe shoes for three days, there isnt really anything she's going to be able to write about except how they felt, and about who didnt pay attention to her feet. It will only affect herself, and no one will understand the mise except her toes. Now comedy on the other hand, any and all can not only watch, but then read after she reports back. I vote comedy, I wanna watch.
I think she should do KISS, wearing toe-shoes.
Of course.
Shoes! Shoes!! Shoes!!!
Doing an open mic set opening for KISS while wearing toe shoes, of course.
If one of the Merc employees refuses to go along with this crap, what happens? Just curious.
Wow, that's a perfect one for Marjorie!!