In case you missed my opinion on the subject, I LOVE the Showtime series Masters of Sex. Here's what I wrote last year at just about the mid-point of season one:

Love Mad Men's style, but hate its oblique plots? Try Masters of Sex, which not only NAILS the cool visual style of the 1950s (Dr. Masters' home makes me want to PUKE—with envy!), but has a very specific and worthwhile focus... sex and feminism. Dramatizing the challenges faced by pioneering sex researchers Masters and Johnson, Masters of Sex hones in on what it was like to be a woman in the '50s—wielding varying amounts of power in the office (none to little) and the bedroom (none to lots). The acting and the scripts are great... and did I mention it has a LOT of sex? Judgment: YOU WILL START WATCHING THIS SHOW.

Well put, Steve! And right on cue, here's the season two trailer for Masters of Sex (returning July 13, 10 pm), in which life for Masters and Johnson gets more sexier... and far more complicated-ier.