Glenn Beck's conservative news aggregation site The Blaze has the story:

A physics professor is so fed up with the claims made by “climate change deniers” that he has launched a “$10,000 Global Warming Skeptic Challenge.”

The challenge issued by Dr. Christopher Keating, a professor who previously taught at the University of South Dakota and the U.S. Naval Academy, according to a news release, will award prize money to anyone who uses the scientific method to prove that human activity has not been a factor leading to climate change.

The Blaze commenters, of course, can see right through this clever trap:

Not very scientific of him. it is a false premise from the start.

He’s a religious doomsday cult zealot. The level of “proof” he would require would be 10 times that which he uses to prove that his dogmatic moronic religious beliefs are his truth. Even then he would try and find some way to welch, because regardless of the massive amounts of evidence and results disproving their religious dogmas, paying the money means his religious views are false. He would commit suicide before admitting his god is false.

According to scientist that believe in Global warming, there have been 5 ice ages. So if they all happened before man walked the earth, how did the ice melt???

I got a picture of 10 inches of snow in NC from Feb., but he prob. won’t accept it since it is not on a computer.

He needs to prove that HAARP and geoengineering chemtrails are not the cause of MAN MADE climate change in that they are manipulating the weather which IS THE PROBLEM.

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Im not going to let them get away with calling it “climate change”. That is BS. They have been calling it “Global Warming” for years, but now that it has been disproven by the fact that earth temperatures are NOT rising, they want to call it “climate change” Screw that. Climate change is nothing more than seasons and apparently it is a new concept for these hack “scientist”.

How can a Doctorate and a Scientist be dumb as a wooden post?
What did he get is degree in? Dunce and Douche Bag Studies?

Oops! Hey professor, I’ll give you $10,000 is you can prove that Darwin’s THEORY of Evolution is a fact. Where did this guy get his degree? The land of Oz?

0bama believes in it so its a lie. Plus see the ice age. Send me my money turbo!!