LIFE ITSELF “Ha! Oh my. Oh my! What trouble will Paul Blart get into next, I wonder?”
  • LIFE ITSELF “Ha! Oh my. Oh my! What trouble will Paul Blart get into next, I wonder?”

A day earlier than usual, we've got your slate of trusty Mercury movie reviews. YOU'RE WELCOME.

SNOWPIERCER I talked about Bong Joon-ho's latest yesterday on the blog, and my review is mostly just me throwing adulatory adjectives at it, because apparently that's what I do when I really like something. This isn't a movie for everyone—but if it isn't a movie for you, then you and I probably won't ever be BFFs.

LIFE ITSELF Ned took a look at the documentary about Roger Ebert from Hoop Dreams director Steve James and liked it quite a bit.

AN EVENING WITH ORLAND NUTT Marjorie profiled local experimental filmmaker Orland Nutt, who has a one-night show coming up at the NW Film Center. This guy might be the guy to finally convince your philistine ass to check out some experimental film!

TAMMY I made Alison go to Tammy.

KALEIDOSCOPIC VISIONS: ANIMATION CLASSICS Ned dug deep into the NW Film Center's animation series, finding some good stuff... and some terrible stuff. Watching Akira as part of this series will be the first time I've seen it since I was in high school, and I look forward to being just as bewildered by it now as I was then.

BEGIN AGAIN Eric D. Snider saw the latest from the director of Once and declares that it is utterly skippable. Your mom will probably want to see it, though!

As ever, there are even more reviews in Film Shorts, and here are your Movie Times. Choose wisely. And now, since I've had it stuck in my head ever since writing that dumb Snowpiercer headline: