Clinton Street café/venue/crepe joint Press Club is closing next week, per an update on their Facebook page:

I am sorry to say that the finance director of the Press Club has decided to close the doors on July 20th. It is in the hopes of assessing the fiscal aspects of the business and restructure the organization to achieve a viable business model for the future. We have enjoyed hosting events and hope you enjoyed the space, atmosphere and services we have provided. Thank you again for all of the fun and music we've shared.

Kind of a bummer—I liked that spot. And they booked interesting stuff: In addition to regular music, the Press Club housed reading series Tell It Slant and the Mountain Writers Series, and the monthly comedy showcase Too Wet to Burn. Hopefully they all find nice new homes, but it's rough out there—Portland could use about about six more Press Club-esque spaces (midsized, serving booze and food, arts and performance friendly).