Tomorrow's Friday, which means new movies open and old ones go away; here's what you've got to catch tonight if you want to see it it in a Portland theater.

Coffee in Berlin (Living Room Theaters)—"It’s hard to muster up too much enthusiasm for yet another bloodless tale of urban twentysomething malaise," Alison says. SNAP!

Singin' in the Rain (Hollywood Theatre)—Tonight's is actually a one-night-only showing, screening to celebrate the Hollywood Theatre's 88th birthday.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Hollywood Theatre)—I've never been a big horror guy, which perhaps explains how I've somehow never seen this classic from 1974. I know, I know. Know what's even worse? I have seen this. I do not remember why.

High Anxiety (Laurelhurst)—Despite a deep affection for Hitchcock and a not-as-deep-but-still-definitely-present affection for Mel Brooks, watching an entire movie of Mel Brooks parodying Hitchcock movies sounds like something very close to torture.

Clash of the Titans (Academy)—No, not the crappy new one. The crappy old one.

Complete movie times are here; tomorrow sees the releases of Alejandro Jodorowsky's The Dance of Reality, Roman Polanski's Venus in Fur, and more.