Disgracefully, award-winning correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin will not be on the ground to cover it. When Israel invaded Gaza in 2008, Al Jazeera's Mohedin and Sherine Tadros were the only English-language correspondents on the ground.
Mohedin later moved to NBC News. Yesterday, he was playing soccer with some kids on a beach near his hotel in Gaza, when out of nowhere, the Israeli military shelled the area, killing four of them.

NBC executive David Verdi, according to The Intercept, ordered "Mohyeldin to leave Gaza immediately" for "security reasons"—a laughable notion given his experience reporting from warzones for years—angering a number of NBC journalists inside the newsroom. Moheyldin has been replaced by reporter Richard Engel, who is based in Tel Aviv. You can see Mohyeldin briefly in Engel's heart-wrenching report from last night:

Meanwhile, the New York Times apparently changed its headline about the deaths of the children from something that conveys the news, "Four Young Boys Killed Playing on Gaza Beach," to the vague and unclear "Boys Drawn to Gaza Beach, and Into Center of Mideast Strife."

Here's the paper of record's latest update on the invasion of Gaza.