MUSIC/SPORTS—PDX Pop Now! is back with three days of free, all-ages local music from bands like Blouse and Hustle and Drone—though the best part of the experience is discovering something new. Plus! It's where the famous Rigsketball tournament will kick off, the best tour-van-meets-basketball-court in the world! MS
AudioCinema, 226 SE Madison, Fri 6 pm-1 am, Sat noon-1 am, Sun 11:45 am-midnight, FREE, all ages, for schedule

JAZZ FESTIVAL—Maybe you love jazz! Maybe not! But it really doesn't matter as much you might think at the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. It's still free and now in its 34th year, and it's one more chance to spend summer days and nights gazing up at this most iconic bridge, the St. Johns, and lazing about just feet from the Willamette River. DCT
Cathedral Park, under the St. Johns Bridge, Fri 5-10 pm, Sat noon-10 pm, Sun noon-7:40 pm, FREE, all ages