Ned Lannamann: "PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now! PDX Pop Now!"

Alison Hallett: "This afternoon I'm heading out to Reed to catch one of the remaining public offerings at Tin House's Summer Writing Workshop—I'm going to Wells Towers' talk about revision, something we briefly discussed when I interviewed him a few years ago.
Tonight I'm going to watch some improv at Curious Comedy. Saturday I am going to meet a bunch of people I know from the internet IRL for the first time, possibly while doing Jell-O shots at Scooters. That is all."

Wm. Steven Humphrey: "If you've been following me on Twitter (@WmStevenHumphrey), you will have read about my problems securing a bouncy house for this weekend—and no, it's none of your goddamn business what I'm going to do with it, my sex life is none of your concern. That being said, I got my bouncy house. And it's gonna bounce, y'all. Other than that: I will be popping around to PDX Pop Now to catch some bands and watch the ever popular Rigsketball Tournament, as well as watching one of my fave comedians, one Mr. TJ Miller."

Erik Henriksen: "Frankenstein's Comicbook Swap at some point tomorrow afternoon, with a very possible detour up to Fifth Ave Cinema to see Herzog's Cave of Forgotten Dreams. That's all I have planned for the moment so GET OFF MY BACK, WHY ARE YOU SO GODDAMN NOSY."

Courtney Ferguson: “I'm going to PDX Pop Now! for the first time in the 11 years I've lived here (which is coincidentally the 11th annual all-ages festival... or is it coincidentally?!). I've got some crafting projects in the works, but I'm sure you don't want to hear about those puffy-paint endeavors. I've also been heavily influenced by our arts section this week, because I'm hitting up Frankenstein's Comicbook Swap on Saturday at the Eagles Lodge that Erik wrote about this week, and I'm going to sit down and read Bryan Lee O'Malley's new comic book, Seconds, that Alison reviewed.”

Denis C. Theriault: "Here's the only thing any of you heathens need to know: Because I work for cruel and sadistic tyrants, I'm going to spend Sunday afternoon stalking around the 34th annual Cathedral Park Jazz Festival, blowing hideous noise from Alison Hallett's high school band trombone (she swears she's emptied the spit valve), while dressed like a beloved Star Trek character. I'll be accepting donations and posing for pictures. I figure I'll saunter over around 2 pm. Come say hello. (And let me personally thank you, dear readers, for picking a Worst. Night. Ever. that's only a pleasant stroll from house.)

Marjorie Skinner: “I’m going to an informal preview of a storefront for Olo Fragrance that’s opening soon called Milk Milk Lemonade this evening. Tomorrow I am going to a backyard goat party. But not like a petting zoo, like tacos stuffed with goat meat. I will try it. I’ll also dip into PDX Pop Now! at some point. On Sunday, I’m… well, I’m going to church, actually (long story). Most of the rest involves running shoes and propane.”