Chefs Feed is the website that allows you to tap into where local chefs like to eat and, in particular, what their favorite dishes are. After doing some number crunching it appears that, from the 30-odd Portland chefs that have participated, the most popular dish is the Brussels sprout salad from Boke Bowl with six recommendations. Second place is the Khao Man Gai at Nong’s Khao Man Gai (five votes), while joint third is the radicchio insalate at Nostrana and the baked spaetzle at Victory bar (four votes each). The most popular establishments are Pok Pok and St Jack with five votes apiece. However, taking into account that chefs can nominate more than one thing and altogether there are 170-plus dishes from over 100 restaurants, it would seem that they like to spread the love all over town.

The site makes for an interesting resource (though it’s not clear how often the chefs update their choices); for example, anyone who’s a fan of Nong Poonsukwattan’s cooking might want to have Huong's Vietnamese Food, Kinara Thai Bistro and Frank’s Noodle House on their radar.

Some of the more interesting nominations: Joshua McFadden (Ava Gene’s) suggests anything on the menu at Ned Ludd; Jenn Louis (Lincoln, Sunshine Tavern) has three drinks on her list—cappuccino at Ristretto, margaritas as Por Que No and the bourbon selection at Sweet Hereafter; Ken Forkish (Ken’s Artisan Pizza/Bakery, Trifecta) apparently digs toast with butter and jam at Oui Presse. There are also a healthy number of shouts for Vietnamese food, as well as burgers, pizza and charcuterie.

After the jump... the full list of dishes that get more than two votes: