In this week's Sold Out column, I took a look at the fourth annual Alley 33 outdoor fashion show this Saturday, which showcases some of the city's "designer manufacturers" who are, in increasing numbers, working to create reasonable (and reasonably priced) clothing that's relatively accessible and can fold into your everyday wardrobe. The same sort of sentiment is folded into the strategy of Mag-Big, the shop that—along with Elizabeth Mollo and Siren Nation—produces the event. This year they have nearly 20 designers showing new collections, which I'm pretty sure makes it the largest representation of local apparel design to be shown in a single day... ever? This year, at least.

Anyway, summer claims to be coming back from its hiatus this weekend, so you'll be happy to be outside with the good vibes that this show always brings. Check out the column for more info, and you may also want to get advance tickets—it's a popular, plus there's a price jump (from $10 to $12) at the door.

Alley 33 headlining designer Sara Bergman
  • Sara Bergman Apparel
  • Alley 33 headlining designer Sara Bergman