In this week's Mercury Letters page, jokes are made, bronies are stepped to, and we come to the realization that, "If you live anywhere near an old brick building, you should be actively packing." YIKES.

—Lzi, who I am pretty certain misspelled her own name, but we'll call you whatever you want to be called "Lzi," is spitballing in the wake of an Ian Karmel column about whatever Kinko's and FedEx are calling their ugly love child now.

—PGMuthafuckinE kind of puts a period on the end of all this brony drama by mentioning that, "it's cutesy, sanctimonious, culturally bankrupt crap, and 'magic' and 'friendship' are not something substantial enough for you to be preaching to me about." Oh yeah!

—But seriously, can we be serious for a minute? The seismic work that needs doing on many of Portland's buildings is a problem, and brings up some interesting points about the nature of investments in said buildings (some of whose owners are angling to have the city pay, or at least subsidize, the cost of these improvements. happyhedonist says, "If your investment was purchased for your benefit, then taking care of that investment—including making it safe for the public who lives within the seismic influence zone of your investment—is your responsibility, period." Troy has a more nuanced recommendation, that would allow "building owners a reasonable amount of time to develop a plan to retrofit their buildings," charging them fees in the meanwhile. "Take the collected fees, and use it to provide low-interest loans to help pay part of the cost of upgrading. Loans, not subsidies." Everybody's just spitballin'!

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