From NPR News, an outrageous story about affordable housing in New York City:

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration is under fire for signing off on a building plan that allows a new luxury high-rise on Manhattan's western edge to have a separate entrance for low-income residents.

About 20 percent of the units in the 33-story tower will be reserved for low- and middle-income residents. But all the affordable units will be grouped in one area, and those tenants will have to enter through a separate door.

People have dubbed it the "poor door." The developer, Extell Development, got tax breaks for including affordable housing in their building. And Extell's CEO, Gary "Deep Down I Am a Horrible Person" Barnett, tells NPR that the "thousands of people" who are applying to live in the lower-rent units "don't give a damn" about being asked to sneak in the back entrance so their poor shame doesn't stink up the nice 33-story elevators, because they're just so grateful to have a decently priced apartment.

Dear Rich People: This is just one of many reasons that you are a lot more disgusting than the poors you fear. A lot. Just reading about people this awful makes me want to take a brain shower. YOU SMELL, RICH PEOPLE, YOU SMELL.