On Wednesday, you're going to start seeing more ads describing why Dr. Monica Wehby should supplant US Sen Jeff Merkley. Here's where they came from.

Just the other day Denis was obsessing over the various amounts of monetary "unclaimed property" he's left in his wake while traipsing rakishly around this nation, and now the New York Times writes a story about that concept? Long-harbored suspicions confirmed: The NYT has a mole within the Mercury. Courtney's the lurkiest member on staff. It's probably Courtney.

Go here to see if you've got unclaimed millions in Oregon.

A two-year old was found dead with serious cuts in a Cannon Beach hotel room. Her 13-year-old sister was also cut up. Their mother is nowhere to be found.

The best of luck to Kent Brantly, the Texas doctor who contracted Ebola while helping stricken patients in west Africa. He's, uh, back now. In Atlanta. With Ebola. My advice: Go about your business but—and I'm repeating myself, here—emphatically do not read that book The Hot Zone. Particularly the first part.

Same stuff in Gaza, after a ceasefire agreement broke down almost immediately yesterday. Israel has hit 200 targets in the last day. Hamas fighters are using tunnels to launch attacks. You know all this. There's a missing soldier, too.

Meanwhile Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells the White House his strategy is above reproach.

GM's been beset by ugly recall woes, along with the appearance it callously allowed deaths to avoid them. Now one of its suppliers has actually exploded.

You know, a lot of rapists could be locked away if authorities would bother to test the evidence they collect after attacks. That's just occurring to the authorities. Which is good.

The slow withering at the Oregonian gets many of the headlines, but the Portland Tribune's parent company has been quietly expanding operations lately. The Trib now comes out on Tuesdays and Thursdays instead of once a week, and Pamplin's actually investing in better state politics coverage.

Highwire antics on the Steel Bridge this morning.


Good for this guy. He's a latter-day Bert the Chimney Sweep.