Probably the only thing more ridiculous than how badly private contractor Oracle and state officials flubbed Oregon's much-anticipated, now-scrapped health care exchange: The lawsuit Oracle just filed against the state as a result.

You know how it is: You go to all the trouble of getting to Iraq, you've got to stay awhile. President Obama says our latest attempt at molding a stable Iraqi government—begun yesterday with airstrikes on the cartoonishly violent Islamic State and parachuted victuals to Iraqis beset by them—could be "long term."

One reason the President pulled the trigger on airstrikes? One word, three syllables. You might have heard of it. BENGHAZI.

Remember, Gaza's still a thing. Calmer, today, but a thing. And also maybe set to catch fire again.

As we draw nearer to a vote on legalizing pot, you're going to hear warnings that emboldened stoners will cause mayhem on Oregon highways. It's certainly a possibility. It just hasn't been borne out in places weed's already legal.

Another facet of pot legalization—how much state coffers are likely to benefit—is basically impossible to predict. But we're trying anyway.

Looks like a pair of hurricanes will largely miss Hawaii, after all.


Some lady robbed two Portland convenience stores, including my Plaid Pantry, in neon shorts and flip flops last night.

Jeez, Monday.