This blog entry titled We Were on Date #3 might be the sweetest dating story to ever appear on the I, Anonymous Blog:

We arrive at the stop and she's facing me and smiling when suddenly a huge delivery truck pulls up to the Starbucks. That roaring engine idling would provide the perfect cover. I unclench my anus and the fart steps on deck and takes a dive to open air, and as SOON as the fart begins the driver turns off the engine. Dead silence for a brief moment, then... this precious, beautiful, amazing girl stared in my eyes as I unleashed the longest, grimiest Wu-Tang fart of my life.

It gets even cuter... go read it all. What band perfectly embodies your ass-sounds? (I call dibs on Ol' Dirty Bastard!) Tell everyone over on the I, Anonymous Blog, where gas goes to lay down sick beats.