This person comes to all of my college speaking gigs and is always the first one to the mic when the Q&A segment starts:

Sexuality affects all of us—men and women alike—but we hardly ever talk about it. Folks, it’s 2014. It’s time for a frank, public discussion of sexuality that reinforces every single one of my existing beliefs on the matter.
There’s no use denying it any longer. We need a forum where anyone can share views that accord with mine. A place to speak freely about everything from consent to BDSM to fetish culture without ever disagreeing with me, and where any ideas I deem too conservative or too liberal can be shouted down.
Let’s ask: When it comes to sex, what’s permitted? What’s off-limits? What should stay private? I have specific answers in mind for each of these questions, but until we start framing them in an indignant way that makes it impossible to differ with me, progress cannot and will not happen.

Go read the whole thing.