Last night we posted about initial reports that Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery, along with Huffington Post reporter Ryan Reilly, was arrested by police in Ferguson, Missouri, as both men were working in a McDonald's covering the nearby protests. (It has wi-fi and power outlets and is close to protest locations, so journalists have sometimes stationed themselves there to work or rest over the last few days.)

Lowery managed to capture some of his interaction with the police on video (embedded above) and wrote about his arrest for the Washington Post:

As I sat there, many armed officers came in — some who were dressed as normal officers, others who were dressed with more gear.
Initially, both Ryan Reilly of the Huffington Post and I were asked for identification. I was wearing my lanyard, but Ryan asked why he had to show his ID. They didn’t press the point, but one added that if we called 911, no one would answer.
Then they walked away. Moments later, the police reemerged, telling us that we had to leave. I pulled my phone out and began recording video.
An officer with a large weapon came up to me and said, “Stop recording.”...

Reilly wrote about their arrest on his Facebook page as well.

Also arrested later in the night, according to various media reports: St. Louis alderman Antonio French, who's been tweeting from the protests in Ferguson over the last few days. Police reported at least 10 arrests.