LAND HO! Not-so-grumpy old men.
  • LAND HO! 'Sup, ladies.

LAND HO! One of the weird things about reviewing movies for a living that critics don't talk about that often: Every once in a great while, a movie will come along that I don't have any particular expectations for, and that I might not even be that interested in seeing—but then, about five minutes into it, my eyebrows jump up and I think, Oh, this is fantastic. And in an even-rarer best-case scenario, that feeling continues through the whole movie. Land Ho! Is that sort of movie. We've got an interview with one of its directors, former Portlander Aaron Katz.

THE GIVER Have fond memories of Lois Lowry's YA classic? Then Alison Hallett urges you to stay far, far away from the movie adaptation.

WHAT IF Man, Ginny Weasley is going to be pissed when she hears about this. Elinor Jones loved it!

CALVARY John Michael McDonagh's latest is out-fucking-standing, and it also might destroy your soul? Fair warning!

THE EXPENDABLES 3 I made Alex Falcone go see this because I fell for Expendables trap the first two times around, and swore a solemn vow to myself after the second one: Never again. But now Alex's review kind of makes me want to see it? DON'T FALL FOR IT, HENRIKSEN, DON'T FALL FOR IT AGAIN, GODDAMMIT

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