I'm looking forward to the Stumptown Improv festival this weekend, which kicked off last night at the Miracle Theatre and continues through Saturday night. I think a lot of comedy fans are unaware of how much improv talent Portland has, and the fest's organizers have booked some top-notch out-of-town acts—like Vancouver BC's Sunday Service—to perform alongside the best local groups.

For more info, read our interview with fest co-founder Jed Arkley in this week's paper.

(Forgive me for not explaining improv to you right now, or constructing an elaborate defense of why good improv is better than you think it is. You are adults of the world; at some point, you must take responsibility for your own entertainment. Besides, we did all that last year.)

There are two shows per night, at 7:30 and 9:30 pm; I've got two all-night passes to give away, one for tonight and one for tomorrow. To win, just email me with "Stumptown improv" in the subject line by 3 pm today, and specify which night you'd like attend. Or if you prefer not to leave your fate to chance, buy tickets here.