UPDATE 4 PM: It's official, gang! HUMP IS STILL ON FOR TONIGHT! So dress warm for the wait outside (see below) but trust me... it's gonna get STEAMY inside!

Original post:
Hey guys!

It's a scientific fact™ that sexy people rarely worry about snow. And as it stands right now at 2 pm, HUMP!—the sexiest, funnest film festival in the world IS STILL ON for tonight! We'll be making the final call just after 4 pm today, so be sure to check back in then just in case we have to cancel... but as of now, expect to attend and see the steamiest, most hilarious amateur mini-porn films in America!

IMPORTANT: Dress warmly as the theater cannot open until the previous audience leaves, due to fire regulations! (Or conversely find another way to keep warm while standing in line. BOW-CHICKA-BOW-WOW-WOW!)

P.S. We have a few tickets left for tonight's 10:30 screening, and the Saturday 12:30 am show. Get your tickets here and don't be left out in the cold! (Heh.)

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