Hey I understand stuff like this is amazing, but you don’t need to come in here with a bunch of your drunk friends and see if you can all fit in one booth, and make fun of all the glory holes. You guys were super loud, confrontational and extra ignorant. Everybody hanging out answered you and your friends really stupid questions, like. “Are these holes in the walls in the booths for like, dude’s dicks?” and then “You guys beat off in here. Cool, I beat off too. But why here?” And “Where’s all the slutty chicks?” The people that frequent this store are here for a variety of reasons. You didn’t give me the time to explain, AT ALL, the different reasons. I actually would have. I am not ashamed that I frequent these places to suck dude’s dicks and if I am unlucky only masturbate. There are no chicks here because 75 percent of the guys standing around are here for the same reason. The other 25 percent want to be left alone to watch the porn and yes, masturbate. And finally I think some people just like these places, they like being around porn. What is going to surprise you, as this shouldn’t by now, is that one of your buddies came back an hour later and sort of “hung out” in one of the booths. Now that should give you pause. Heck, it might even have been you.—Anonymous