Does Someone Smell Smoke?


No. 1. Curr
Because it's just that easy, right? ::sigh:: Most people want to quit, just like most people want to be thinner. If it were easy, everyone would be thin non-smokers. But hey, calling people names because YOU have seen the light and are now evangelizing your new amazing life will probably work too.

Via: I quit smoking 6 months ago, after 20 years of disturbing other people with my horrible stench. I'm sorry.
Most of the horribleness we associate with smokers (unless they're an indoor chain-smoker) are the cheap (or poor) bastards who butt out a partially smoked cigarette and carry it with them. It's amazing how bad and strongly they smell. When someone does that and then wants to ride on my car, I always cringe and fully tear open a car air freshener with the windows fully open.
Pointing this fact out really pisses slovenly smokers off, too.
But you're right, even moderate smokers don't smell that great, though, although I have to admit that the smell of women smokers (a hint of cigarette and a hint of perfume) reminds me of my sleazier singles days and is somewhat of a turn-on.