Please Leave Me Alone (Or Don't)


so, you can't spare a minute to hear about their schwinn, but i am supposed to spare a few minutes? f.u.
A-fucking-men. I may not have money to give to street people, but I can give a little time. As long as I feel safe, which is a valid concern.. but yeah. Talking to someone like they're not invisible and have dignity.. absolute least I can do.
Maybe some of the folks asking for money are wishing that you would spare them the "lemme give you some time instead" routine and hoping you'll just kick down some $ and move on.
panhandlers really want love and caring not money. that's why they make those sad signs asking for money. it's really just a desperate plea for attention.
I ignore everyone I pass on the street. I expect the same courtesy in return, regardless of financial situation.
I'm smallprsn on this one. The second paragraph abjures the rest of us to engage the very folks the first told to get lost.