Your Dog Hated Me First


would you mind putting at least 1 fuck and 2 shits in your mind numbing dumbshit story...your life must suck. For 1 its a dog, I have NEVER seen anyone pinned up against a building EVER, if your bothered by that get a big fucking stick and walk with it...If a dog bothers you, beat it down within 1 inch of its life, you dont deserve it and the owners will learn...problem solved.
It's not okay!!! I'm not okay!!!
Seriously. A dog off leash snarls and barks at me when I'm walking on the street? I don't fucking think so. You're within your rights to kill the dog AND sue the owner if you're being assaulted by an animal (which doesn't necessarily mean being bitten, just threatened), so get yourself a stun gun or some mace and apply liberally. I'd recommend a loud stun gun, dogs are often afraid just of the noise alone. Don't let your fear of dogs control you. Fight back!