To the jerk who stole my boyfriend's bike last night:

You are a terrible, terrible person. I don't think you understand the implications of your actions, or how selfish and greedy you are, or how you have altered my boyfriend's life for the worse. Not only did he use his bike as his preferred form of transportation, he was also planning on getting rid of his car within the next few days to save money. So that bike was going to be his SOLE form of transportation, until you took it from him.

Now he not only has to drive his car around (which he doesn't like to do), he also has to continue to pay insurance AND save up for a new bike. To top it all off, he was just telling me last night how much he loves his bike (right before it was stolen, no less) and planned to keep it for the rest of his life.

Now it's gone. Thanks a bunch for really screwing him over. Was it worth it?