It's been three years now and it's time we end this relationship. I've dumped your sorry ass a time or two in the past for your transgressions, but I always came back to you, hoping you'd change your ways. But alas, your sad attempts to entice me back with your goods has grown weary, and that recent attempt to pretty yourself up from top to bottom makes me literally limp - why you ask? It's simple, you can slap all the paint on you want but what you have inside remains the same-lousy employees who smell, are slow as shit, and produce that rarely if ever looks half way edible. Oh, and that new meat counter and the lovely personnel behind it...where should I start. After trying to distract myself from the meat cutter in the back who was violating about 5 different health codes simultaneously ( I know, I've worked in food service..) you were gracious enough to provide me with my salmon. Not only do I still have memories of that transaction, I got an extra bonus when I got home - three fucking long strands of your hair in my salmon!! Why, oh why do you make it so hard, I wanted to love and support you, I truly did but this ends NOW. I will never set foot in a Safeway again.