To the lesbian ( and great dancer) at the Good Foot on Friday,
Thanks for being an awful stereotype. As a gay man with the best straight roommates (and friends) in the world, I brought us all to the bar for some drinks and good times for their great Friday funk night. After hours of you, he, and a bunch of us breaking it down on the dancefloor he praised you by saying, "You're killing it" and gave you a thumbs up.
You proceeded to approach him and embarass yourself for 5 minutes by talking down to him by assuming he was hitting on you and explaining that he was wasting his time.
Sweetie, Helen Keller could tell that you were a lesbian not to mention that he has a serious girlfriend and was just trying to give you some props on your great moves. Please do yourself (and the world) a favor by losing the attitude and the chip on your shoulder. Often times, a compliment is just a compliment.