To the parents who were riding with their little kids on N Vancouver this weekend: What the fuck were you guys thinking?

I know you're trying to do the right thing by raising the next generation of bicyclists, but keep your damn spawn out of the bike lanes. Vancouver/Williams is a busy and dangerous corridor, and you guys are utter idiots if you think that small children belong there.

Would you allow a kid to drive a go-kart down Burnside? Probably not. Why the holy fuck, then, would you allow your small children to ride their tiny little kid bikes on one of the busiest bicycle corridors in town? Keep them the fuck out of there. If not for cranky cyclists like me, then at least for the well-being of your offspring. If they get hit by some asshole driver and then reduced to a fine red mist, it'll be because of your shitty parenting more than anything else.