Hey all you Cali-foreigners, Mid West-icans and East Coast a Ricans. I see your cars every day. Your state sucks, so you came here to mine.You moved here however long ago and now your home state registration tags on your car have expired. You have no problem posting the "Heart" Oregon sticker on your car, but you are too damn cheap to register your car in the state you claim to "love" (only out of state idiots buy these, by the way). I'm sure when you got here it took you less than a week to get your Oregon Trail card, eat a Voodoo doughnut and take in a live show. How long are going to go before you pay your way and register your damn car? It's bad enough that you came here to crowd an already crappy job market, now you are also crowding our streets. Every time I see an out of state plate that's expired, I either I want to: A) key it B) puncture the tires C) wait around in the bushes to beat down whoever owns it or D) all of the above. If you truly love this great state of ours, then fork out the dough and do your part in paying for the roads you are now using for free.