Dear ignorant shithead screaming at me out of your car as you drive down Powell: are you really so important that you think it will earn you merit to roll your window down, stick your bloated hipster face out of it and tell me how disgusting I am, how fat I am, how worthless I am and then drive away once the light turns green?

Do you realize that if your petty, childish, unreasonable actions cause you to wreck your car in my presence after you have just cut me at the knees, I will be more likely to sit and laugh at you instead of help as the car around you bursts into flame?

Is the last thing you want to see before accepting your darwin award the smile on my face even though every one around you is grimacing and choking on the smell of your flesh being charred? No? Then you and all your petty little friends, and complete strangers that have done this to people before really ought to think about the positions they put themselves in just to insult someone they don't even know— and the position they might put themselves in one day that will require them or you to beg the assistance of the stranger you just deemed ugly fat and worthless.