A Retraction


haha, see no need for finger or yelling when they can just humiliate themselves...
A Honda Element is a big car? Compared to a Fiat 500 or a Fit, I suppose.
@ A. Non not to be confused with Anon. Perhaps it was an illusion. Extremely small person in a small car making the car appear to be big...Or maybe Anon drives sush and extremely small car that all cars look big...we'll never know :(
Retracting a finger precipitously can be just as hazardous as the insertion, keep in mind.
And did you , I Anon , deploy your hazard lights to indicate that you had stopped intentionally in the middle of traffic for no discernable reason , which is supposed to indicate to those around you or approaching that some kind of hazard has been detected and to use caution and to expand their zones of perception ?!