Picked Clean


Completely legitimate gripe. That sucks, yo.
Stupid blueberry stealin' hipsters... Go back to Brooklyn if you want to poach berries.
Dude, you seriously talk to your plants?
Talking to your plants gives them energy bro...every gardener who is worth a grain of salt does that...

Sorry Anon that completely sucks. There are just way too many inconsiderate bastards out there...
Talking to your plants. Ok, explain to me how that is NOT schitzophrenic? 'Cause it seems like plants have been doing a fine enough job growing for billions of years without people talking to them.
Nurturing any living thing, plant or animal helps them grow more vibrantly. Part of nurturing something is talking to it. It isn't the words persay that are important but the love or energy behind them. I suppose a schizophrenic could do that albeit wouldn't have the same quality. Yes you are correct plants have been growing for a long time- you win a cookie...

Also, along the same line of thought, Native Americans considered us humans to be care takers of the plant world. Part of that is definitely communicating with them. Many a shaman has found completely different plant compounds where together create a mind altering chemical in this way...but this is sort of an extreme example. Of course we don't take this seriously and see where that has gotten us...
No we don´t, at all. Serious Practitioners of all forms of meditations (Tantra Sex, Sonic the Hedgehog, Staring, and breathing in sync with the part of universe which is around us) have been known to kill cancer cells in our human system, or at least reduce em in vast quantities. But you dont see that much.

(You can`t say in an expression "Native American considered us Humans...", cuz Native Americans ARE us Humans.) Is disruptive in the argument and dislocative in the meaning/illustrative point of the paragraph.

Also, Shamans all over the world had and use many techniques to create mind altering chemicals in them, not just by talking to em.
I never said it was the only way shaman found plants. But it was a major way. Plants spoke to the shamans. I am mainly thinking of Ayahuasca here.

Leaky you are over thinking to the point of disrupting your own argument, Native Americans did consider Human kind as care takers whether they were human or not. And when I say us humans I'm including Native Americans within that group. You are seeing this from a strange perspective and you yourself might be dislocated....too much salvia divanorum perhaps?

Anyway I call bs...Just relax man...take a deep breath...try your meditation it works for me...
No, you got it somehow wrong. Shamans can speak to plants too. As Shamans can hear plants speaking. (if they`re able). You can`t generalize about "Native Americans", because their customs vary so much between regions, that it`s not always the same belief (or terms in which is explained) - even if one wants to believe so - that runs among them.

Ayahuasca, it`s the latest trend amongst all kinds of people, and mostly trivialized. Nothing wrong there, but it can be like taking Coke at Studio 54, or like some other "Deeper" experience, like having your soul taken out of your body, to have it back at the end of the trip, or seeing your spirit animal - the most common or made up, self believed, then inexistent experience - (well, that goes beyond "Traditional Booklet Shamanism", or it`s explained in other words). Being informed about something one talks about does the job.

But all this can be felt and internalized, thus understood, with a proper and intrinsic know how of how it certainly is in a wide range of "Shamanistic Cultures".
Leaky I can't tell if you are just trolling or are the type who has read a few books and therefore is a think-they-knows it all. I know what I'm talking about from experience. I have studied this subject in the field as well have spoken with shamans and although the Native American comment I made is generalized it was made so because it is more or less a universal understanding among them.

I would appreciate it if you would quit twisting my words to undercut my credibility thus making yourself looks somehow more knowledgeable.

If you prefer me to say you win then fine "you win". Now here have a cookie...
btw...I'm done...so go ahead be the intellectual that you want everyone to think you are and have the last word...
Well, at least I could share it with Damosa...I already had virtual cookies. Here, have a banana:

You got mad cuz of some complex you seem to have because I leveled you, to real facts which are true and purely universal? I could have empirical and theoretical knowledge & experience too you know, or that`s not possible...Do you really have to answer me that?
Way to go Leaky...spreading wise knowledge all over the internet.
What the Hell was Leaky and ConflictArtist internet-arguing about???
ayahuasca youahuasca we all ahuasca for ayahuasca
Mecklem you always put a smile on my face :D
Leaky, I still think you're gonna have trouble finding a publisher for your book "I Heard the Fennel Call My Name."
I know, I think the child field target is out of the question by now. Unreadable, didn`t understand a word. Such nonsensical phrases crammed in one paragraph. Filth. All those comas. But I have this strange appeal for it... Even tho I wanted it to call it "Bano". If it someday sells, I`ll donate to the "Children Reading Foundation", or something. Fuck, the System....I tell ya, ungratefuls [sic] who didn`t bought my Fanzine at first at 1.99¢ cheap....
All those comas indeed.
Damn, those sound like they must have been SUPER tasty. Sorry they got robbed.
I wonder if Anon has a canoe...
Stop being lascivious ConflictArtisct, you`re giving dead boners to everybody all around.
That's interesting PdX_SG. Sorry for arousing you with my sexuality?
Stupid wolf face don`t give dry ginas no one likes you.
You don't know that PDX...speak for yourself. Are you a coward?
Nice coping and pasting, Idiot. I did too "modeled" for 101 "art classes", have that. Goodnite.

Ok PDX you are thoroughly confusing me. You are rambling on... first suggesting that my words are arousing you then suggesting that well you no longer make sense after that but please stop you are giving me a terrible headache...
Oh wow, I think I've been getting trolled by an eight year old (or someone a bit on the dimwitted side) over here. I truly am a sucker...I should really learn when to just shut it and move on haha...
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You can talk at plants all you want if it makes you feel better, just don't expect them to comprehend on any level at all.
'Shaman' - HAH!
Shaman = Charlatan
your speaking of something it's obvious you are completely ignorant about. It's a typical stupid American attitude that the world hates us for. Your ethics could use a measure of cultural relativism.
@OP - Are you sure it wasn't a flock of birds that denuded your tree?
I got plenty of ethics, but a low tolerance for BULLSHIT.
I thought it was blueberry bush, not tree. And bowls of them ? Never heard of that many on a bush (tree?).