Take it up with Exxon or BP


But the prices sinks themselves deep. Yeah. Maybe there`s a couple of answers to the questions mentioned.
Yeah Leaky, and you being a die hard "Iron Maiden" fan doesn`t help at all. It just ain`t nothing.
Gas prices in Oregon are the lowest of the west coast states. In Washington and California, you not only have to pump your own gas, but pay extra.
The point is, the guy pumping your gas deserves your politeness, at least until he/she does something to warrant otherwise. In short, don't be a douche.
Bro, it's a lousy job and you have my sympathy. My suggestion would be to ignore them. And if someone won't date you based on profession that tells you all you need to know about them. And it's not good
It's incredibly shitty that drivers would take their frustrations out on the gas station attendant. How fucking stupid and ignorant can someone be?

And yeah, it really sucks for any woman to look down her nose at a guy just b/c he's a "pump jockey". Whatever. Sounds to me like the bro has a full-time job and is keeping his shit together.
Tip your attendant. It's a good thing.
Dude, at least you have gainful employment. My guess is that lots of people in Portland would envy you for that
Oregon has pump jockeys because we are too stupid and too lazy to pump our own gas.

Just hang out in the Couv and watch how many of those Bio Diesel tanks from Portland wind up getting unleaded.
Ugh, sympathies, man... try to remember your job isn't you (hard as that is in US culture), and to focus on the life you create when you *are* free to lead it.
The "tip", #7, is that this state even has this as a job. 48 other states recognize that one should be able to pump one's own gas