When we we`re going out shopping, and you told me several times of how you missed your puppy, I was really afraid of what you would sum up with that. It`s not the first time a colleague looses a beloved household animal. Just last week it was a paroky bird. Then she got a new turtle, and then she got a new fish for her very own swimming tank. The boss of the office shrouds at the minimal thought when she`s expending all her money on pets, pets stuff, and pet food. Her friends speak to her too about this things he has for buying pets and pets stuff. Everybody at the office it`s not really an "animal person", so when she takes trips she has to pay for them to be taken care off. I don`t work in the office anymore, as I have found a new job as a mechanic in my bikini to show off my good body (It`s a clever sales idea from the buyers point of view, and it`s working so far). Stop buying so many animals and take care of them ask some one else if you can`t! I`ll be at the car wash. Don`t come asking for water for your pond.