Dear IA posters ~ IA used to be my favorite column in the Mercury. It was what i would turn to every week when i picked up the paper. Back then, revenge & lovelorn evil. Creepy, weird stuff that made me think about who my friends & neighbors were.

i do understand that our current modes of travel do not allow for too much true, human interaction. You cut me off, i flip you off. That is the end of that story. Except that, we still hold the emotions from that interaction. We are still pissed or guilty. i dig. However, i would like to suggest another way of dealing with these issues. Like...Next time some shit happens, pull your bike or car over, be cool & say something.

i was really looking forward to the I, A blog. i have even submitted one myself. But it is fucking tiresome to read about people angry about traffic issues. Perhaps The Merc should start a blog rant just for those who want to bitch at each other about driving a car, riding a bike or walking down the god damned street. i surely have something to say about That!

Perhaps humans could say it in real time, & real life. And i would really like to get back to the good ol' days of IA. When people pooped in roommates brownies, or the one that i am going to write. But, no lying. Keep it real & twisted. K, peace.