You know homegirl, being a bitch doesn't make you interesting. It is not rare and it isn't going to do anything for you. Your cigarettes and tattoos do not make you cool. You aren't hot. You're scrawny and your roots are really showing.
I wasn't trying to talk to you, bigmouth. I wanted to talk to your friend, the cute girl with long brown hair and cut offs. But you, lacking the attention you think you deserve, left Scooters cause no one gives a shit who you are. People like you do not make the world the better place. No, you aren't part of a package and I bet your girlfriends would dump your ass. I wasn't hassling you, and no I don't wish I knew where you lived. You have no class and you will end up alone with your cigarettes, lame tats and malfunctioning vibrator.
Dear jive ass girls of Portland, please prove me wrong, cause your reputation really, really stinks.