Watch A Car Drive In Circles


Wow. So you actually paid to go see that? Yer a tool, mister.
I can't believe that a deliberate creation designed to engage your senses/thoughts/emotions actually apparently did so.

What a shitty piece of "art" you subjected yourself to! Maybe if you write a really, really angry letter to Daisey, he'll mail you a bag of "Simpsons reruns and masturbating" to repay you for the time you lost.
Shit, dude, you could have stayed home and jerked off to internet porn. What did you expect from a 24 hour monologue?
The difference between you and I is that I knew this would be dumb beforehand.
"And if you ever need self-validation, just meet me in the alley by the railway-station..."
"Do a dollop, do do a dollop of Daisey..."
i liked it
Sounds like it proved to be a success- we can listen to talk radio 24 hours a day, but get one talented talker to try to talk for 24 hours straight and he can't quite fill the time...Maybe it's time to hear the larger lesson and we should all talk a little less.
I fucking told you fuckers.
I'm officially unanonymizing myself to say: I told you Mike Daisey is a self-righteous piece of shit.