From the Nanny


Best nanny ever. Seriously.
Take good notes, as she'll be running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2056.
Your attitude isn't very supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.
You know, this would all have been easily prevented to with a simple appointment to Planned Parenthood.
I suggest a new line of work.
Todd-good one!

Kids say the darnest things huh? So you decide to be a fucking prick to a five year old? Get a new job that doesn't have to do with kids. Obviously you are not a kid person. You being around her is going to do more damage to her in the long run than toys.

Don't blame the kid for the parents splitting up, do you sleep in a bed with them or something & talk at night about their relationship?
This kid is clearly a brat and a menace. It ought to be put in foster care, before it's too late.
Ha ha, every adult in this child's life has failed her! Stupid kid!
Please find a new line of work.
Oh, fuck all of you. This is exactly what I, Anonymous is here for. She's not saying it to the kid, see? She can't. She's saying it *here* instead, which is the point of this thing.
Love this post. Full of all the things that you want to tell kids, but you can't. Love the part about a couple splitting up over a bad kid. People hate to admit that parenthood made them want to be single for the rest of their lives... Yeah, this is totally what I, Anonymous is for!
I hate naughty little, disrespectful children, but a child's behavioral problems are typically due to rotten parenting.... The nanny sounds a bit fed up, the parents might be wise to replace her with someone who won't eventually throw their daughter off a bridge.... Unless of course, that's what their hoping for.
Fantastic IA post. thanks, Nanny!
@#7 Kids in foster care are more likely to commit suicide before the end of their high school years. Even more so if it's done after being w/ their real parents. I really think this person should quit Pronto!