"Oh, I only have a $100. Is that OK?"


Freekin` ATM`s when they only carry 100 dolar bills....
Why would it take more time than it would with anyone else who didn't have exact change? You could name the place so those 15 people a week would know to go elsewhere...whoops, the restaurant just closed.
another hipster chick with a bad attitude toward customers?
There is no gender indication, ConflictArtist.
Who cares, are you from "customer service report of Portland CA". No.
What is this IA talking about? Who the Hell carries around 100 dollar bills? I haven't even seen a 100 dollar bill in years.
Fuck do you care? As if it's yr money you have to make change with.
Several hundreds would really fuck up a register, unless they were a big place. So yeah, dealers and high rollers, frickin' make change at the bank before you go out.
ATMs in 7-11s seem to spit out $100s a lot. They are a pain to get rid of, too.
Right, because the last five customers didn't just pay with $20 bills, so it must be sooo hard to change a $100 bill for an $18 check. Poor, poor you.

And it's not a pain to get rid of $100 bills. You know what most small businesses do with them? They TAKE THEM TO THE BANK WITH THE REST OF THE FUCKING CASH.
You're working 10 to 12 tables in a busy restaurant and you can't break a 100? Are your 10 or 12 tables paying you in euro or drachma or something?
This person is just pissed because they don't make $100 in a day.
It's legal tender. So unless you work at fucking Taco Bell, or your money is in a timed safe, deal with it.
Uhhh people don't pay with cash they pay with visas. I'm a server and I agree, C-notes slow you down. About 20% of customers use cash, everyone else uses plastic. A server usually starts with 20 maybe 30 bucks of their own money. Often less. Then you get visas, MC, Amex, maybe someone pays cash for $15 dollar tab, then the next guy has a 100. The bartender has fives and ones, which is fine, except now he's wiped out. Soon another 100 and now the manager has to get into the safe, but..he's on the phone. If they really are coming from the ATM's than so be it, deal with it. Otherwise, chill Mr. Bill.
@durable, You must work at a Buffalo Wild Wings or some such place, with an attitude like that. Beyond the fact that your employer gets gouged by the bank for every goddamn card transaction, do you really like having to wait untiil the end of the pay period to get your post-taxes tips?

I pay with cash as much as possible to help support small businesses and give a cash-at-the-moment tip to the server. But I guess if servers are this fucking indignant about putting more money in their pockets or their employers' bank accounts, this city's service sector probably deserves the reputation it has.

And most small service-sector businesses (like restaurants!) Have standing cash orders with their banks. If you start getting a shit-ton of Benjamins, tell your manager to order more $20s instead of passive-aggressively bitching on a blog about people paying you.
I like the way the idiot asked " Are you a drug dealer? Who gives the dealer a $100 bill? Don't you usually give him a couple $20's? IAnon is obviously retarded...
@Oregometry: I meant they're a pain to get rid of because of restaurants and other businesses that claim they can't break a hundred. Good old grocery stores usually can, though.
I'm a server, and I carry a bank so that when the guest arrives with cash I can make change on the spot. It's not really that hard to do --and speedy change can often produce a better tip. If you wanna cry about making change then maybe you should work at a cafe or convenience store with one of those signs that says "we don't accept bills over $20". That would be one less server with entitlement issues and lack of creativity. Servers who complain about giving proper service don't deserve to be servers.
agoodserverPDX gets it. This is likely a person that works somewhere I keep returning to. Some servers in Portland definitely deserve the reputation they get.

(and tk, that was meant for durable, not you)
As a server for a number of years in a lot of dif types of restaurants, the run-down usually ends up as follows; if you can't break it yourself and you're in the kind of place where perchance the bartender has a till if they can't break if, then you have to hunt down the manager (sometimes you have to anyways, since it's a freaking $100 bill!!) make sure it's not fake all that jazz - this can take several minutes running back and forth - meanwhile, all your other tables food is getting cold waiting to get served, their drinks are going empty all because some asshat decided for some reason whatsoever to pay with a ridiculous amount of money. I mean, it makes sense if there are like 4 people and the bill is $80 bucks, but if it's a $16 meal, come on. Just use plastic. Don't be like that. It'll take us ten minutes to make you change!